We need federal, comprehensive criminal justice reform now. One of my immediate priorities, once I’m elected to be your Congresswoman, will be to expand the First Step Act, which works to save billions in taxpayer dollars and gives many offenders a shot at a second chance. But, as the name implies, it’s just the first step towards addressing and neutralizing racial disparities, over-incarceration, and hurdles for re-entry for returning citizens.


The expansion includes de-scheduling marijuana on a national level and abolishing private prisons and detention centers. We need to reinvest in community policing to rebuild necessary trust in law enforcement, demilitarize the police, and divest in ICE. It is also up to Congress to properly vet federal judges--a process that’s currently failing. We cannot have unqualified judges bringing shame to our court system all because they’ll do the bidding for our current administration. We need integrity, justice, and empathy in our criminal justice system--not politics.

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