Education is one of the great equalizers in this country – which is exactly why we need to ensure that every person has access to a fair affordable education from kindergarten through college. For too many years, Republicans have used public tax money to transfer wealth into their own pockets. A comprehensive education policy rests on stopping the practice of funding for-profit charters and private schools and investing in public education. Full stop. We need strong unions to protect our teachers so they can do their jobs and teach our kids. When I’m in Congress, I will make it a priority to expand federal funding to the Department of Education instead of shrinking it.  Regardless of where funding comes from, we need to ensure that ALL institutions of learning abide by federal standards that keep kids safe, like IDEA.


In America, too many graduates are bogged down by unforgiving loans that affect their ability to become financially stable even decades after they graduate. This wealth stagnation hurts not just families, but the overall economy. That’s why we must push for student loan cancellation for the vast majority of borrowers. That may not happen overnight, so we must fight to expand student loan forgiveness programs. As your congresswoman, I’ll make sure that student loan cancellation isn’t just a band-aid by fighting to make public college tuition-free. And we can, and will, do that by implementing a fair taxing policy and creating a budget that puts people over billionaire profits. We must realize the potential of ALL students by expanding federal grants for trade schools, investing in public school vocational class options, and creating incentive programs for those who work on public projects. And we need to do all of this while crafting policy that understands the challenges that minority and low-income students face.

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