Climate change is not only real, but it’s one of the single-most dangerous threats that the world currently faces. It’s not too late to do something about it, but without immediate action,  America’s future is at risk. We need to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord because climate change is a global threat, not just a local one.   We don’t have a choice; we MUST lower US emissions or face mass extinctions, increasingly devastating natural disasters, and shrinking resources. Those in the most vulnerable communities have the most to lose, and we cannot let those communities fall to the wayside all because it’s not profitable enough.


We need to invest in green infrastructure and green jobs. We need to be preserving beloved national parks, which means ceasing any new oil, coal, or natural gas leases on federal lands. We need to bring science back into the White House, and that means fighting for an EPA that makes evidence-based decisions and not just ones for political theater. Bold, aggressive action on climate change was needed years ago, but I promise, when elected I’ll fight for a Green New Deal and enact the change that we need. 

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