My mother worked for years at a warehouse picking up boxes and putting them on trucks. Her low wages forced her to work longer hours. Those long hours eventually took a toll on her body, a toll so grave that she ended up herniating two discs in her back. A toll that nearly took her out of the workforce. Much worse than that, her employer and insurer at the time, decided they did not want to pay for one of her surgeries after it was already performed. Leaving my family in a financial situation so dire that we were forced to sue the insurance company in order for the procedure to be paid for. Had that lawsuit not been successful, who knows where my family and I would be today.


No person, no family, should be put in a situation like that. America is the wealthiest country in the world and health care is a basic human right. About 135,000 people in this district do not have healthcare. Nearly a quarter of all residents in this district do not have health insurance.

We need to do more than fix the broken ACA that’s been gutted by Donald Trump and the GOP and we must do more than expand Medicaid. Individuals should never fall between the coverage gap and income should not preclude you from quality care. We need a universal healthcare system that affords every single American basic, comprehensive, quality coverage. Regardless of age, gender, or whether you have a pre-existing condition or not.


Only sick people profit off of sick people. Healthcare, or the lack thereof, is such a deeply personal issue to me and this district.


When I am elected to be your next Congresswoman, I vow to work tirelessly, to make sure every single person in this district has healthcare and promise to sign any piece of legislation that would expand coverage to this district and Americans everywhere. I will not stop until all 135,000 in this district and all Americans are covered.

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