As a first-generation native US citizen, I intimately understand the value and strength that immigrants bring to our country. My parents are hard workers, with my mother literally breaking her back in order to ensure that I and my siblings had a shot at the American Dream. That’s why I’m appalled at the constant attacks and attempts at criminalization this administration levies towards hard-working immigrants just like my parents. Diversity is one of our nation’s greatest strengths. We have to dispel Trump’s racist and xenophobic lies about immigrants: they don’t take our jobs, but instead start their own businesses at a rate twice that of native-born citizens; they do not commit crime, but instead make cities statistically safer; they are not a drain on our economy, but instead contribute tens of billions of dollars in taxes every year. Immigrants make us stronger, and it’s time we acknowledge that through legislation and policy--not just empty promises.


When I’m in Congress, I will fight to ensure a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently residing in this country. That means reinstating and strengthening DACA, DAPA, and TPS orders immediately. We have to stop deporting immigrants who have been in our country for decades without incident, and instead focus on resettlement programs that have proven to make communities flourish economically and culturally. We need to block ICE’s ability to hijack local tax-payer money, which forces local law enforcement to do its bidding. Trump has manufactured a “crisis” at the border by sending troops instead of judges and refusing to update an outdated immigration system that was never built to process families. When I’m elected to represent you, I’ll make it a priority to use Congress’s budgeting powers to update our immigration system, block corporations from profiting off of kids in cages, and expand options for legal immigration--even for those currently undocumented in the US--in order to shorten the sometimes decade’s long citizenship lines. I won’t stop fighting until xenophobic orders like the Muslim Ban are outlawed through Congress, and immigrants feel welcome in their new home.

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