What a woman does with her body should be between her and her physician. In 2019 the GOP showed us their new strategy of introducing state-level legislative bills like Georgia’s own HB481with the intent of them being challenged and brought up to the Supreme Court. Roe v Wade is the law of the land and it should be treated as such, now and forever.


Birth control should not be a luxury for those who can afford it and pregnancy should never equate to death. However, we have the highest rate of maternal mortality of all developed countries and those rates increase significantly in communities of color.  We must fight to make sure women everywhere have access to healthcare and no longer end up as statistics. It’s high time the GOP ends their hypocritical stance of limited government unless it’s between a woman’s legs.


First and foremost, women’s reproductive rights are healthcare rights. Just as I will be a tireless fighter for healthcare I will be a fighter for reproductive justice.

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